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What we feed

I have recently switched most of our dogs over to a raw diet. I feed Big Country Raw.

Its premade and reasonably priced.

There has been so many recalls on dog foods that I prefer to know whats in their food.

If youre struggling to find the perfect food for your dog I totally recommend trying raw. Mine mostly get the Country Blend which is Turkey and Beef. I also rotate with duck and salmon.

For chewing bones they get raw marrow bones and love them.

A couple of my dogs actually do not like raw so I feed them Acana Duck and Bartlett pear Limited Ingredient.

Puppies under 6 months I do two raw and one kibble meals daily.

I also give daily multi vitamins and probiotics.

Coconut oil is a great supplement to give your dog. 1/2 teaspoon per 10lbs daily.

My puppies are all on Iams Puppy when they leave here...

I don't start them on raw as I feel that should be a decision the new family makes.

French Bulldog Care & Tips

Even though theyre of the bulldog breed they really don't require as much grooming and maintenance as the English bulldog.

They can also be sensitive to the sun and humidity so always be careful in the summer months.

I find that with my frenchies the only thing you really have to watch is the ears getting I clean them once a week. Just use the regular ear cleaner and make sure you get way down inside.

Even though theyre small dogs they still have powerful jaws so I don't recommend rawhides....sometimes I will give bull pizzles but supervise closely.

Their favourite chew bones are raw marrow bones. These keep them busy for hours :)

You can use many of the tips that I have posted for the English bulldog.


 ****English Bulldog Health and Grooming Tips****


These are just some of the tips I found useful when I started off with my English Bulldogs.

1. Bulldogs tend to have messy faces if they’re not kept clean. Clean facial folds and wrinkles weekly with unscented baby wipes. Make sure to dry after to prevent chafing. You can use Desitin baby cream if raw/irritated. Over cleaning can also cause try not to clean wrinkles or tails unless they need to be cleaned...quick inspection will tell you :)

2. Clean behind, under and around tail weekly with baby wipes and make sure to dry well. If your bully has a tight tail you can put Gold Bond powder into a cleaned out mustard squeeze bottle so you can squirt it deep into the pocket. If you don’t keep the tail clean and dry it could become infected. Due to their short necks and thick bodies they can’t turn around to clean their behinds and rely on you to do it for them. Do not over clean under the tail...this will lead to a very sore, raw tail/tail pocket...if this happens you can mix 1/2 extra strength Polysporin and 1/2 Cortef cream (cheapest at Walmart) and apply lightly until healed.

3. If the face wrinkles or tail become red and irritated you can put Desitin on it(baby diaper cream) after cleaning and drying. A little goes a long way. Dont over clean you bulldogs tail, if you do you will irritate it and can become infected. Check it to see if it needs to be cleaned first.

4.You should keep their nails trimmed short. Bulldogs are heavy on their feet and do best with short nails.

5. Clean ears often. I clean my bulldogs ears weekly or more if needed.... Use a drying ear cleaner. I purchase mine from our vet.

6. Only feed your bulldog a good quality large breed dog food.

7. NEVER give rawhides to your bulldog!! He/she will most likely end up trying to swallow it and choke on it. Yes, I learnt this the hard way. Buy your bulldog Nylabones, mine really seem to love them and they are almost indestructible. My bullies also do well with Kong Brand toys and chews. Also dont give the knee, knuckle or leg bones you can find in most of the pet stores now. Bulldogs are very strong chewers and have powerful jaws. These bones can easily splinter and can cause internal bleeding. I have found that other than nylabones my bullies do well will large size antlers...they can be found at most pet stores. Make sure to get the bigger ones...they dont splinter and are very durable.

8. Bulldogs can’t handle the heat and/or humidity. Be very careful in the summer when you have your bully outside. They love the sun and like to sunbathe, not knowing how bad this is for them. Bulldogs overheat very quickly and if you do get in the position of your bully overheating… get him inside immediately…cool him off as quickly as possible…get him to the bath tub and run cool water over him and rub it onto his belly. Encourage him to drink the cool water. Basically if it is hot out and you must have your bully with you try to keep him in the shade, give him fresh cold water and maybe even get him a kiddie pool. They love water.

9. Stainless steel bowls are best for bulldogs. Plastic and ceramic tend to hold bacteria. The elevated bowls will also minimize your bulldogs “gas”. If you do use ceramic or plastic make sure to wash regularly.

10. Table scraps should not be given. They are unhealthy for your bully and very hard to digest, which will lead to bellyaches and gas. I do give our bullies carrots and dehydrated sweet potato slices.

11. Bulldogs love water, so be sure if you have a pool or pond that you don’t leave your bully unattended. They can swim but not for long and due to their heavy front ends they will surely drown. If you want to have him near the water with you buy him a dog life jacket. Many pet stores carry them.

12. House training….I 100% recommend crate training. It makes it easier for you and your puppy. Your puppy will need to go out when he wakes up, after play and 5-10 minutes after eating. All puppies are different so you’ll have to see what works best for you and your pup.

13. Some people think it is cruel to crate train a puppy. It is not. It keeps the puppy safe when you can’t watch it and it teaches the puppy that it can be okay by itself (which will be better for the both of you) because it won’t feel like it has to be with you every minute. You will want some sleep at night, so start the independence off at an early age. The wire cages that have the divider in it are probably the best. It can adjust to your puppy as it grows and it has a easily removable tray, just in case of accidents.

If your crate is too big for your puppy you can put a box at the back just leaving enough room for your puppy to comfortably sleep. As the puppy gets bigger remove the box.

Remember to always let him outside to do his business before putting him in the crate for the night.

14. Keep lemon juice handy, preferably the squeeze kind. Bulldogs tend to get phlegm build up in their throats, and will sometimes start to choke if they can’t get it out. Squirting lemon juice into the back of their throat will loosen the phlegm so it can be coughed out.

15. Some bulldogs get tear stains. This can be from many things like, hygiene, the food they’re eating (try not to feed foods that contain beet pulp) it could also be from the water they’re drinking(from additives) You may want to give your bully bottled water to see if that helps.

Don’t confuse tear stains with a yeast infection in the wrinkles. If your bully has a yeast infection the wrinkle will have a foul smell to it. You can use the drying ear cleaner (that you purchase from the vet) to try to prevent this from happening. Put the cleaner on a Kleenex and carefully wipe out the wrinkles. Do not get this into the eyes…it will burn and possibly damage your dogs eyes.

16. This is a VERY useful tip if your dog ever gets diarehea. Give 1 teaspoon 100% PURE PUMPKIN 1 x daily. It usually works by the next bowel movement. Do not buy the pumpkin pie filling, the cans look similar. More is not better and if you give too much it will worsen the problem.

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